Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Egyptian Scrolls"

It has been too long. Without further adieu...

My newest necklace. This is reticulation; where metal is heated to a point where the metal starts to melt and then heat is removed and the metal has a texture from the heating and cooling. I reticulated and melted a part of a Pastie cymbal that a friend donated. I fused steel mesh into the surface of the brass cymbal and then reticulated some nickel silver to put behind it.

I cast a one piece frame from bronze using cuttlefish bone to get the texture. I backed that all with brass and set a nice stone. (wish i could remember what it was.) I also hand made this Egyptian scroll chain. I made 83 of these links in 6 hours. I didn't use all 83 on this piece but it goes to show how long it took; and that doesn't include the process of bending them together into a chain.