Monday, February 23, 2015

It's cold outside. Here are several project updates.

I had received bronze casting grains finally and so I began casting. I started with a green-sand mold for the viking ship project's dragon head. Below is the sculpted clay on packed sand, its ready for the second part of the sand mold to be added.
 The top part of the flask is attached and locked in place with bolts through the side walls.
 Sand is packed into the cope (top part of the mold) I used a vacuum cleaner extension to create a pouring sprue cavity in the sand.
 After packing the sand I removed the cope from the drag(bottom part of mold) Baby powder was used as a release agent between the two halves.
 Mold in place, Everything set out and inspected for safety and efficiency. 
 Below: The crucible is heated in the forge.
 Before pouring
 After pouring
I couldn't upload the video of the bronze pour and cracking open the mold because of the size. You can find it on my facebook page. Search for "Art of Adam Oldre" on Facebook. You could try this link but I'm not sure if it will work.
 The best part about this sand is that the grains that haven't been burned can be reused.
Below: The sprues have been cut off and the casting has been brushed off.
 After rough sanding and finishing.

 Below is a picture of the brown patina I want to use. I have tested it on here before I do more cleaning and polishing of the casting. I also removed a chunk of bronze from the neck of the dragon which will be concealed in the hull of the ship. Doing this, allows me to stretch my metal supply out and reduce weight.
 I cut out the mouth section, added teeth and then a last minute design change on the snout, to give it a more Scandinavian influenced look, Thanks to my studio partners for the critique.

 The head is now soldered to the bow of the ship.

Now, for some other stuff. I have been working on zipper bracelets and random other things. Here are some of them:

 I fixed a zipper that was missing the pull.
 Working on a hypo-allergenic type of adjustable zipper bracelet. There are still design issues to address with this one.

 Valentines day cuttle-bone bronze cast heart pendant. 
 A new piece I've been working on lately. It's based on a shape that I can't seem to get away from in drawing and sculpting. I think it may have to do with a fascination of black holes and dark matter.
 It's raised and fabricated copper out of a few silver plated copper platters. I did chasing on the top section last night 2-22-15

Thinking of design changes...
I've made 10 more zipper bracelets to go to the Nisse House of art in Westby WI.