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Copper chasing and repoussé and glass marble Marquette grapes 2019 (to scale)

Copper chasing and repousse of maple leaf. 2020 (to scale)

Copper chasing and repoussé of apple leaves. 2020 (to scale)

"Zipwrist" (bracelet) - repurposed zipper, copper, brass and steel $80.00SOLD

"Zipwrist 1" (bracelet) - repurposed zipper 

"Ziplace" (choker-necklace) - repurposed zipper  with salvaged metal pour spillage riveted on

"Egyptian Scrolls" (necklace) - repurposed brass cymbal, cast bronze, steel mesh, nickel silver, brass, copper wire and  a stone



I'll be producing a large variety of Zipwrist bracelets. The majority use fabric mounted zippers and can be unzipped to cinch up the bracelet to the desired size. one size fits many. I can make most any size you request and you can choose from a large variety of colors.

fabricated Mokume gane zipper pull

White zipper with brass teeth and hammered texture on zipper pull

Blue fabric with silver colored teeth and hand made zipper pull with hammered texture.

Silver tooth zipper rebuilt by hand onto durable clear plastic wire. Hammered and drilled zipper pull texture added.

Burnt orange fabric zipper with brass teeth and dimple texture pull

Thanks for looking.

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