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Adam Oldre is a metalsmith working in La Crosse, WI. His keen eye for detail and hands-on mechanical journey through life allow him to utilize an array of materials to manipulate and repurpose into delightful art-forms.
Primarily fabricating sculptures out of reclaimed materials, Oldre uses age-old forging techniques to raise thin sheets of metal into voluminous pieces that deceive audiences with their illusions of mass and density.

Adam Oldre

Studied art @                                    University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, WI

Work Experience

2013                                              Judge - Visual Arts Classic hosted at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. The event is a competition for art students from area High Schools.

2010                                              Represented UW- La Crosse’s art department at the chancellor’s eagle roundtable

2009 - 2013                                   Gallery Assistant in the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Art Gallery. La Crosse, WI

2009 - 2013                                   Volunteer at Vitamin Studio LLC; A local art studio gallery. La Crosse, WI
Awards and Grants

2013                                              Top 25% artist award – Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis

2013                                              Ruth Ann Knapp award – UWL, La Crosse

2012                                              Catherine Crail art award – UWL, La Crosse

2011                                              Anita Malin award from the La Crosse Society of Arts & Crafts – UWL, La Crosse


2016                                        "In the moment" Two person show with Barbara Essock at the Alexander House 1131 Wisconsin River Dr., Port Edwards, WI

2016                                         "La Crosse Pop Up Art Show" Pop up show I organized at 901 4th Street S. La Crosse, WI

2013-2014                                     “People. Places. Things.” A group show at Studio Gallery 1311. 1311 Market St. La Crosse, WI

2013                                                    “Reflections” a two person show with Megan Jensen at Common Ground Campus Ministry 1334 Pine St. La Crosse, WI

2013                                                    Vitamin Studio Five Year Anniversary Celebration Exhibition at the Vitamin Studio, 129 S. 6th Street La Crosse, WI

2013                                              All - Student Juried Exhibition  UW-L Art Gallery, 105 Center for the Arts 333 16th St. N La Crosse, WI

2012                                              La Crosse Country Club WGA (womens golf association) luncheon vendor, Onalaska, WI

2012                                              Vitamin Studio 4 year Anniversary Celebration Exhibition Vitamin studio 129 s. 6th street, La Crosse, WI

2012                                              All-Student Juried Exhibition at the UW-L Art Gallery, 105 Center for the Arts 333 16th St. N La Crosse, WI

2012                                              “The Art of The Drinking Vessel” juried exhibition in the Kader room of The Pump House Regional Arts Center, 119 King St, La Crosse, WI 54601 La Crosse, WI

2011                                              All-Student Juried Exhibition at the UW-L Art Gallery, 105 Center for the Arts 333 16th St. N La Crosse, WI

2010                                              UW-La Crosse foundations exhibiton at the Root Note 115 4th St. South, La Crosse WI

2010                                              “Meet the Arts” reception at the UW-L Art Gallery, 105 Center for the Arts 333 16th St. N La Crosse, WI

2009                                              “Books” artists’ book exhibition at the UW-L Art Gallery, 105 Center for the Arts 333 16th St. N La Crosse, WI

2017                                              ACAC exhibitor, Lincoln Performing Arts Center, Manhattan

2015.                                             Driftless Art Fair vendor

2013                                              Vendor – 50th Annual Juried Uptown Artfair, Minneapolis, MN

2013                                              Accepted by Jury – John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s 43rd Annual Midsummer Festival of the Arts, Sheboygan, WI

2008                                              Vendor - 25th Annual West Bend Riverwalk Artfair, West Bend, WI

2008                                              Vendor - Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts, Hartford, WI

Gallery Representation
Dec. 2012 – Nov.2019               State Street Gallery 1804 State Street, La Crosse, WI

Dec. 2013 – 2018                       Nisse House of Art 211 S. Main St. Westby, WI

2013                                              Metal Enameling workshop under Tedd McDonah, former faculty associate at  Arizona State University

2012                                              Metal Fold-forming workshop under Assosciate Professor Evan Larson at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

2013                                              Commissioned hollowware vessel for Karan M.
2013                                              Commissioned zipper necklace

2011                                              Photograph published in Vol.11 #17 for the May ‘12, 2011 edition of the Second Supper publication for “Bike to work week”.

2011                                              Photograph published in the Myrick Hixon EcoPark Calendar for January

2013                                              Second Supper publication mentioning my work for “People. Places. Things” group show at Studio Gallery 1311. Vol. 13 #12, Page 13 for Dec ‘13

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