Saturday, December 16, 2017

Long winter

Winter has barely started and I am afraid that I'm in a situation where my studio has been put on an indefinite hold for the season. Since purchasing(signing my life over for) a house, I have been busy at my Habitat for Humanity Job and making repairs on the house. I didn't foresee the amount of effort that has been required to fix the house up. I, with the help of a few friends and family, have successfully repaired the bedroom to a point that is most livable and comfortable. There is no flooring, but it is warm and the deteriorated flooring has been replaced along with the shoddy craftsmanship that had been the interior walls. I am very thankful that my father has stepped in to help me install a ceiling in the garage; another effort that will help immensely. We picked up the roofing materials today and will start installing a ceiling in the studio Monday. Once the ceiling is installed, we will be able to insulate the new studio space and heat it. After I have at least half of the space insulated, I will reorganize and start working on commissions. I've been battling with possessions ever since the move to the new space. I have realized that I had more that previously thought, and beyond that, I have realized what I need and do not need. I have been busy purging items slowly by giving them away and listing them for sale online.

I'm very excited to begin working again. VERY EXCITED! I've had lots of drive and inspiration recently that should keep me going easily through the winter, even if the space isn't finished.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I acquired a casting furnace, pretty much exactly like the university has. I got it for a deal and I intend to experiment more with casting in the future.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays.

-Adam O.