Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back 2 life, back 2 reality

I've been away from the studio too long. I finaly made it back in today for a few hours and decided to start with something small. "Zipwrist", a bracelet, was a good start. I've made several versions of the reclaimed zippers in the past and this is my new favorite. I worked on making this one today and was happy to finish. I had planned to work on a bowl that is in progress so I lugged around my tool box and a load of miscellaneous copper for pretty much no reason but I'm happy I started small with the bracelet. I feel excited and a bit anxious to get back to pounding out more bowls. The break has been a good chance to work on other important things and also to get my mind ready for new ideas. Check the "Wearables and What-not" link. I will be posting more pictures than just the two. I also have a feeling I will be doing quite a few of these.

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