Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding gift from the forge at Mjolnir studio.

I recently made this wedding gift out of three nails given to me from my sister. She asked me to make a gift for a friends wedding. I wasn't sure what to make at first. After I thought of several things that didn't seem to take root, I decided to try forging a figurative sculpture. It all came together quite well and I used the welder in the studio for the first time. It had been a while since I welded or forged anything so it took a while. One bend here negates one or two bends there. Finally, after forming the nails the way I wanted them, I looked through a box of odd metal bits and stumbled across a metal swivel bracket from an antique chalkboard. I was pretty excited because the size worked well with the sculpture and was also fitting because the gift was intended for a teacher. Congratulations on your marriage Jenny!

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